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Worst smelling filament ever (updated again)

I received half kilogramm sample straight from the factory, from India. The cross section is perfect, but the smell...

JAGS was kind enough to send me a sample before I order more from the factory.
Also I decided to do a detailed article for future reference.

It has the best cross-section what I have seen so far. It is perfect circle.
Here is what Teddy bear measures:

And the 90 degree turn:

So it is really top-notch quality.
You can check the roundness without any measurement instrument,
by twisting the filament between your two fingers. You feel it when it is not round.


I was pretty happy with the filament until I have tried out.
It is really hard to wind it to the filament holder.
I broke off about 5meter of the filament, and two people required to wind it. It is really springy,
so winding to a smaller diameter requires at least three hands;-\

Here it is a photo winded to the holder (when I took photo, a third hand hold the filament to not wind off from the holder):

Im printing ABS at 244C, this filament at this temperature embeds many small air bubbles:

And also at this temperature it has no strength, looks like Im extruding some kind of plasticine:

So it would be best to extrude at 240C for me. Here is a comparison photo:

From left to right: printed with white ABS at 244C(see worst filament ever blog), the gray filament at 244, and 242 at the right side.

Also this plastic sticks far less to the polyimide tape. I needed to set the temperature at the first two layer to 250C, because it tend to not stick to the heated bed at all.
I never needed to hand-adjust the temperature during the print before.

Maybe if I would raise the temperature of my heated bed, i would not needed to change the filament temperature.

Here are some closeup photos of the comparison:

Also the worst part:
The filament has some kind of contamination, some other material then the plastic.

Also I cleaned a bit more the filament:

And it occured to me what never occured before. Something blocked the nozzle, because the filament contained something, which could not pushed out at the 0.5mm nozzle hole.
(Ok, maybe Im not the right person to decide.
I only tried out 3 different ABS suppliers, and only extruded 7kg so far. So other persons may have different experiences...)

So it ruined the print about its half. I printed 12 x-vert-drive-side-plate-180-end at once,
and I was not at home, so I only noticed when I got home at evening.

It pushed two minuscule filament out of the nozzle, if I helped with my hand pushing the filament into the extruder.
Enough talk, some photos:

I tried to pull out the filament two times, but it was not helping.
I needed to absolutely dissassemble the nozzle, and take off any remaining plastic when the nozzle was at 250C. It is really time consuming process, and also working with something in your hand which is at 250C is a bit risky.
I used a capacitor, and its leg to clean up the nozzle. I basically pushed in the extruder, and pulled out (it always sticks some plastic to it).
Here is a closup photo:

The round stuff is what stuck at once to the capacitor's leg.

Also here is a closeup photo, what came out of the extruder nozzle:

Also the ABS has a pretty bad fume, but this one is even worse. It has really the worst smelling ever.

So I dont know what to do. The manufacturing quality is perfect, but the material has some real problems.

Maybe natural ABS (without any additional thing) is a safer choice. I will contact JAGS for details and infos.

Also I fixed my worst filament ever by pulling it through a 3mm hole. Also doing this, the plastic loose its springyness, so was a lot easier to wind it to the holder.

So Im prefering this filament for now. (it push the extruder to its limit, even after the fix, but anyway)

Also what I like in this gray colour, that it really emphasizes the imperfection of my skeinforge settings;-)

So Im a bit hesitating...

When I was writing this article I also ran a pretty big print (like 6 hours print), I printed the first two layers at 250 degree Celsius. Everything seemed right, when I noticed one of the x-vert-drive-side-plate-180-end part came off the table during the print:

So there were pretty big warping:

The bottom of a part:

You can clearly see where it is detached from the heated bed.
I kept printing, and another issue arrived. The nozzle got blocked, again.
I cleaned the nozzle with a capacitor's leg, and continued printing, then
I tried to clean more then 5 times, and I dissassembled the nozzle absolutely
during the print.
I could not save the print, and also an another part got detached from the bed:

The extruder blocked about 10 times. So I think there is something really in the
extruder's nozzle. A 0.5mm diameter pebble/stone is really hard to notice.
Im not sure if I can clean it off completely.
I will cut off the cables from the extruder, so I can see it more clearly what is
inside. Maybe I need to buy pure acetone at Monday.

I will switch back to my white filament, and print using that filament.
Maybe in a week or so, I will try to use up again this gray filament.

I dont know if there is a single grain of sand, which I cant clean off,
or the filament has multiple contamination.
That is the main reason, why I want to switch back to my white filament.

Update 2:

I switched back to my white filament, and I had no blockage since.
(I have printed 4 object so far).

What is interesting, that this gray filament contains some kind of lubrification.
The first two object could not stick too well to the heated bed:

Also to be more clean I have placed on a flat surface and numbered them:

(The number 1, is the first print after the gray filament, number 4 is the last print)

Update 3:

I do believe, it contains some lubrificant/oil, because it is more slippery compared to other printed parts (for example compared to the white parts).

Also I think, the glossy finish what the filament has, and the printed objects comes from this added oil/lubrificant.

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