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Heated bed kit v1.7 – laser cutted z-switch holder

This is a small upgrade of the heated bed kit compared to version 1.6.
I do believe I worked out all the caveats, and possible weak points of the design.


Laser etching

After I built my heated bed controller, it was time to create a PCB for it. Especially, because people had trouble to build the controller.

So the evolution of home-made heated bed controller began:

Warning: long article ahead!


Heated bed controller

As almost all my previous buyer built a heated bed controller, and at least Bogdan have built one, nophead is using his brain controller to handle the heated bed temperature. So there left no choice, but build my own;-)


Heated bed v1.6 – Thermal insulating and more

It took me more time then I thought, but finally, I built my improved heated bed.

The initial test shows, the bed's temperature can go up to 164.3C, which is pretty hot:-)

(on the picture it only shows 148.7C, but it is because I already disconnected the transformers from
mains, so it already cooled for about 3-5mins.)


Guest Article: My heated bed modification (updated)

I'm really pleased to announce, my first customer article ever!


Heated bed improvement

Its always nice to see how others are developing further your design.
This just happened: my previous heated bed buyer thought further the design.
He insulated the bed, and made a control-circuit for it.

It's time to update my version too;-)


Sold my first heated bed kit

This article is a detailed assembly and build manual for my heated bed kit for RapMan machine.


Series of disasters — Leaving the machine unattended

Everybody is expecting, the machine can be leaved unattended, just doing its job.
What could go wrong anyway?


Aging of polyimide (Kapton) tape

This is only a short post, why I prefer small width Kapton tape over a complete sheet.


Megalomaniac stupidity 2 — Flatness

I pushed my newly designed heated bed to its limits.
Do you wonder how good it performed?