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8Oct/10Off update

Im running the reprap planet since this february.

I always thought, that others would find it equally useful, especially if they dont like the web 2.0 yahoo aggregator.

I had two problems with my planet:
1. It eated enourmous memory when ran. When I updated to aggregate 105 different blogs, it just crashed here and there, so only some of the blogs ended updated.

2. It displayed the full blog entry.

So I decided to rewrite/fix the relevant part of the code, and after some weeks of work, I finally finished hacking on it.

Now every aggregated blog only displays a short summary, and also the script consumes less then 30MB memory at any time.

Im now daily reading my reprap planet, and Im quite enjoying doing it.
It aggregates the most important blogs (105 of them!), and it is not that buggy as the yahoo pipes, where it
misses some of the blogs, it fails to update, or just timeout.

Also this summary mode makes it really compact and nice to read. There are lot of rooms still to improve the script...

I would really like to see a facelift, so if anyone wants to get his hand dirty, just feel free editing its css, and I will integrate it. Something reprap like. Also "hackergotchis" should be collected too..

Anyway, if you are oldscool or just you find too buggy the yahoo pipe, you can always browse this reprap planet!

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