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Mendel build progress — day 9 (updated)

Today I put the belts on Mendel.

When I printed the Mendel parts, had some of them in really bad quality.
Surprisingly in the whole build almost none of them really counted.
In fact I didn't need to reprint a single part.

But when I wanted to cut the belts in half, I realized here the printing quality is essential.
(Ok, I printed it on it's side which made the effect even worse). Here is a picture:

After I set some key parameters, and rotated it, I gave an another shoot:

I cut in half the two 10 mm width belts:

The z-belt (the continuous one) was 16mm width, rather then 15mm. So I dusted off my (limited) modelling skills and fired up blender. Under less then 3 minutes I modified the modell only using my laptop's touchpad. Now I was able to cut off 6mm rather then 5mm(total width of the belt is 16mm rather then 15).

Here is the two tool side-by-side:

It turned out really good. I cut off 6mm, and after I could mount it in the another belt-split, because the width was 10mm. Here are all the belts cut to size:

Here you can download the new belt-split-jig-16mm.stl file.

When I wanted to mount the z-belt, it turned out, it is too loose:

So I made a spacer, simply by adding two nuts and washers:

And it was obvious also, that the belts are touching the plastic here and there.
So I cut out some plastic with my Dremel tool:

Here is a photo highlighting my modifications:

So finally I put together my Mendel. All the axes are working, only the extruder and the electronics are left.

The x and y belts needed to tighten (I think) too much to reduce the play as much as possible.
I dont like it in its current (overtightened) state. I think using stock drive pulleys would be lot better.

Enough talk, here are two photos of the assembled Mendel.
From top:

Bottom side of the assembled Mendel:

As mccoyn and Triffid Hunter pointed out, I forgot to Read The Fine Manual, and put the belt wrongly together.
I corrected my mistakes, thank you guys!

Of course my modifications are not needed anymore. So no additional nuts or cutting plastic out.

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  1. I think you got the routing wrong on that belt. It is supposed to feed back to the z-leadscrew-base and run across. This would use up your slack, improve the connection to drive pulley and avoid going through plastic.

  2. in your highlight pic, the belt should go under the two bearings at the top instead of over, so they wrap around more of the z gears- perhaps that’s why it’s too long?


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