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Mendel build progress — day 6

Howto create PDF from qcad drawings

I could not advance, because I didnt had any plastic sheets at home, so I wanted to buy some plastics.
For knowing the exact sizes, I also wanted print the cad drawings of the sheets and bring with me.

So the goal was: add dimensions to the drawing, create a pdf from it, and print on an A4 paper.

Sadly QCad can not directly export to PDF, however it can export to PS.
So my strategy was to convert the PS file into a PDF file, and print it.

After some trial and error, here is the working tutorial:

  1. Set the drawing scale to 1:1. And change the papersize it fits to (without scaling). In our case it is A2:
  2. Print it to PS.

  3. convert to A2 sized pdf:
    ps2pdf -sPAPERSIZE=a2
  4. import the pdf into inkscape
  5. scale everything to A4 (hint: using the Control button while dragging the corner)
  6. Ungroup the object (Object->Ungroup)
  7. select all, and change the line width to 1.0 pt

  8. To become from this:

    To this:

  9. save as .pdf

At the end it had a little significance, because the shop could sell only 1x1m sheets (or the multiple of this).

So it is pretty big:

Next day I cut to size the sheets and also I mount the motors. Stay tuned.
(In fact I already finished my Mendel, just Im way behind with blog posts)

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  1. I usualy install a cups pdf printer under ubuntu and then print to pdf. Saves the intermediate stage. It is synaptic/apt-get’able

  2. Other programs usually has a “Print to file” option, where I can choose between PS and PDF. At least gedit has this option. has a PDF export capability, inkscape can save as pdf.

    So I never felt a necessity to install a cups pdf printer (cups-pdf). But I did now, and tried out too. It has the same bug, looks like it calls ps2pdf automagically without any argument.
    Here is a screenshot of the result:

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