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Mega filament holder

I designed a filament holder for my Mendel.

Dunno, if Im really that megalomaniac, or simply too lazy to wind off an 5kg filament spool...

For my Rapman the standard filament holder never worked. Cant imagine how it could ever work...
So I quickly made one from two filament holders and put on the shelf above the machine:

(again I dont know how could I be so stupid to buy 3 of it...)

With this modification, it works rather good. The only problem, that it can only hold 1kg of filament, and
usually the filaments comes either in 2.5kg form or 5kg form, like this one:

Winding off an 5kg filament like this one to the above filament holder is not much fun, especially, if you are alone.
Also the filament holder must be attached to something (in my case it is attached to the shelf):

If not, the machine can pull the whole thing to himself. For me it broke off the fan from the extruder once.

So I decided for my Mendel I make a better filament holder.
Here is my Wanted list:

  • can hold the 5kg filament spool without problem
  • turn easily, even the 5kg turn easily
  • be above the machine
  • compact
  • somehow attached to the machine, to be self contained (ie. I can move the whole machine freely anywhere)

So the design was born. It is huge.I mean really, the filament holder is about 60cm diameter, and bigger than the machine itself. The whole thing is about 1 meter height. Here is a photo:

It can turn freely, I use two 608 bearings for it. Maybe you can see better from this angle:

Also the two disks are about two times bigger (in diameter) then the filament itself:

The reason is simple. The previous filament holder had a tendency to make a knot from the filament, ruining the whole print as the machine could not take any more filament. So it prevents to wind off from the holder.


  • 6+6 M4x16 hex bolts
  • 12+12 M4 washer
  • 6+6 M4 nylock nut
  • 2 608 bearings
  • some leftover M8 threaded rod pieces: 5 ~30cm long ones
    also 2-4 more as saltire/Saint Andrew's cross to make it more rigid. (you can see 2 on the pictures)
  • some rp parts: 4 disk, 2 bearing holder, 4 mendel attachement
    (see the first picture)
  • 8+16 M8 nut
  • 4+16 M8 washer
  • 4 M8 mudguard washer (normal washer is fine too, if you haven't any)
  • cardbox

Here is the deal:
If there are more then ten people requesting the RP part design files (.stl) within a week, I will upload
them to thingiverse. If not, I dont brother to do it.

Also one more photo at the end;-)

Hope you find inspiring this brainstorming article.

I also somehow forgot to mention where the idea came from. I saw thing:1550. The credit for the cardbox idea goes to Charles Pax of course.

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  1. Nice. What have you got in the centre of the spool for the filament to wind round?

  2. nophead: cardbox wind around the same round plastic what you can see outside (thats why you need 4 of it).
    It has 14cm diameter.

    It is based on the same idea as this filament holder (although I only looked at the picture, have not downloaded it):

    Thats why you need those big disks outside, they push against the tabs, so it cant come out the flange.

    It is really rigid at the end. I also added two threaded rods (attatched to the two top Mendel frame’s threaded rod, and to the filament holder’s “leg”). You can see it on the 6. and 7. pictures.
    So it is very stable at side direction too.

    Sorry I forgot to mention in the article, where the original idea came from.


  3. Oy! I want you to upload this to thingiverse. My mendel is not operational but this looks like a killer solution to the filament-feeding-issue :)

  4. That’s absolutely huge!
    I’d also like to request a post to thingiverse, as well as an image without the filament to see the internal construction.

  5. nice… things getting bigger. i like the honeycomb inside ;)

  6. We up to the required number yet? I’d love the files on this thing, please!

  7. Donald: 4 of 10. So no. Not yet.

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