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Wade’s machined bolt version 1.3

This is only a small update about Wade's machined bolt manufacturing.

Here is an image about the previous version:

I kicked out all remaining issues of the previous version, namely:
- equal grip, ie. it is well centered
- equal diameter across all bolts

Here is a closeup picture of the version 1.3 bolts:

And to see together:

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  1. My tap seems to go blunt on steel bolts. Tapping them became harder and harder… Which tap are you using?

  2. Erik: In fact I get manufacture those bolts in a CNC shop. And all of it is done on a big CNC machine.
    I can ask which tap are we using. Also it depends on the quality of the bolt.


  3. Thanks. These bolts look really nice and have a very consistent quality. I was thinking of tapping it from brass instead to keep the taps sharp.

  4. I have one of the bolts and the quality is excellent. I looked it over under a high power microscope and the teeth are well formed and very even all the way around.
    Great job.!!
    David Anderson
    Kutztown , PA , USA

  5. It looks very nice. Please, it is possible to buy some of them somewhere? I’m interesting for one piece for testing in my Mendel with Wade’s extruder.
    Thanks in advance.

    Standa Melka

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