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Heated bed kit v1.7 – laser cutted z-switch holder

This is a small upgrade of the heated bed kit compared to version 1.6.
I do believe I worked out all the caveats, and possible weak points of the design.

The previous heated bed design used a single RP part as z-switch-holder, which could not be
attached directly to the aluminium sheet for obvious reason.

Many people had problem with it, and also it could easily turn a little, so the M5 bolthead could not push the switch.

I created a kit for this z-switch holder. Here is a photo:

The content of the kit:

Also I modified the aluminium sheet, now it contains 3 additional threaded M3 holes. Note to my previous buyers: you need to drill by hand this holes, and use nut at the other side.

Step by step mounting tutorial

Step 1:

Put 3 washers on the aluminium sheet, and also to each of the boltheads (6 in total):

Step 2:

Screw the bolt into the table. Please note, there are washers between the mdf part and the aluminium table.
It has a thermal insulation purpose.

Here is the mounted z-switch-holder. Top view:

Bottom view:

The final setup also needs two RP parts, just like the stock Rapman machine.
Here are some more photos from the every possible angle of the final mounted z-switch.





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  1. Hello Laszlo,
    I am very exciting to read about your heated bed creation. I am long having issue with ABS warping. I wonder if you could please let me know the cost of your heated bed unit for rapman 3.1. I have tried many ways but it always end up warp every time. I wonder is the kits come ready to plug and play?do I have to do any thing else to get it run? is it come with controller? and could I pay you through Paypal?

    My Name is Ho, I am living in Toronto, Canada, my postal code is M6H 2B1.
    Please let me know the total cost, including shipping to my place.

    Thank you so much and have a nice day

    My email: or
    My address:
    Ho Nguyen
    #423 – 1401 Dupont St
    Toronto Ontario
    M6H 2B1 CANADA

  2. Dear Ho,

    Sadly the heated bed kit measures 10kg, so it is impossible to ship it economically overseas. Also you cant avoid paying duty on it, because of their high weight (hence heigh value), so you would end up a really bad price.

    The kit itself dont comes with heated bed controller, it is a separate product, which consists basically a shield for arduino, which contains an SSR relay, and an LCD display to show the temperature and also set new values.

    Best regards,

    ps: worldwide shipping is possible only under 2kg for me. The aluminium sheet itself is about 3.6kg.

  3. Hello Laszlo,

    Thank you so much for your kindly response. I am fully understand that. The import duty would be really heavy too. Looks like I have no other option then. Do you have any other recommendation?
    Thanks again,

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