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Guest article: Tiny’s first experience with Hotend v3.0

It was announced as "really big", but is the Hot-end v3.0 is that great?

I was one of the people who ordered an original Hot-end v3.0 and received it last week.
Laszlo had some problems with the production of the parts and delivery tooks some days more than planned ;-) , no problem for me.
The hot-end arrived completely assembled and was ready to installing
on the printer.
Mounting some connectors, calibrating the platform height and the machine was
already back in action. Assembling is so easy, like an IKEA furniture.
The first print was of course the simple raft prints for exact
adjusting the platform height.
The first that I noticed, that the heat-up time was very short, about 150 sec (the old BFB hot end took 4-5 minutes).
Direct after heating up the smooth running off the extruder en the smooth stream of ABS out off the 0.5 mm nozzle.
Then the real test was a part, what I needed for some days already.
During the first minutes of the printing, I surprised rather positively:
The bottom side of the part looked 100% good.
I never had that before and I didn't make any adjustments in Skeinforge to achieve this.
The printer ran so great that I sat down to watch the TV.
I did some quick checking during the print, and how the part growed over time.
I noticed some minor fault but that was not a problem with the hot-end
but with the extruder.
Afterwards I found out that the reel was falling during the print and
that caused some problems with the filament ;-)
The part was on all side perfectly closed and even the actual
dimensions were very good.
The max deviation was 0.15 mm. Even holes for M3 were perfectly round and open over 20 mm length.
The stringing on the part seems also less than before and while the printer was waiting for small temperature changes in the programs the was almost no ABS leaking out the nozzle.
The short heating zone is funtioning as it was meant to be.
The heater element, the resistor, is also very capable in controlling the right temperatur. +/- 1 degree is max deviation I had on the display during an 2 hour print (no I was not looking at the display for 2 hours ;-)

And then again:
It was announced as really big but is the hot-end V3.0 so big and so good ??

No it is not so big. It is a small hot-end in dimensions but with a great, very great results. It prints fantastic !!!!!! The announcement was too small for this hot-end.

A great job Laszlo !!!!

Author: Tiny

The pictures for the article:

Mounted view one:

Mounted view two:

Printed view one:

Printed view two:

Printed view three:

Mounted using some washers:

Printed Dice:

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