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New: Grooved 608 bearings

This is the new 608 grooved bearing:

It has an awesome half circle groove which is a perfect fit for the filament.
I use a normal 608 bearing, so it fits to a Wade style filament pusher exactly, like
the Greg's accessible extruder body (thing:8252). Here is a closeup picture:

Here is how the filament would look like on the bearing:

And also a picture with the hyena:

Oh wait, I can do a better photo, to see from the front (notice the match for frame of reference):

Why is it an awesome thing to have?

  • It prevents filament twisting
  • It is a guide in itself, Accessible Greg's extruder, needs one I believe, at least for me its needed. (accidents happen:-(

Im collecting ideas here. Im recently trying out many methods to raise funds to manufacture the newest gadget for 3D printing world:)

Well, this small improvement may not deserve a full campaign, like the awesome mini hyena, but still what do you think what would be an adequate price for it?

If you have a thought about pricing, or more what price is it worth for you, just put it in the comment. If we can agree on a sane pricing, I will list at that price on the webshop:)

Lets do it folks!

Some of you were wondering how much flesh rest at the bottom of the groove.
So I destroyed one for ya:)

And here is a better view from the front:

Im not worried about wall thickness here, it is imho pretty strong still.
If you have any other question just shoot it in the comments:)

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  1. That looks quite similar to a guide bearing used in MIG welders for the wire feed..
    replacement bearings like that can be found for $17, if this helps you with pricing this item..

  2. fragalot: Thanks for the pointer:)

    nophead: Competing with China, I should develop the idea a bit further, and not even selling the item for free, but also paying you a bit extra to accept my item and also for your time when the postman hands it over to you:-)


  3. 10 cents and a minimum order quantity of 1 … makes you wonder how much it costs them to make doesn’t it :D

  4. fragalot: With free shipping:)

    nophead: Seriously, I tried to search for it before I made, and I could not find anywhere readily available. However I never bought from alibaba, and dont know the process, do you?
    If its really 0.1USD, then definietly dont worth the hassle, not even at 2 USD.

  5. Seriously, If they are easy to make and you can sell them for a few $ you should make em. Id order a few. Beside the picture, I dont even understand what the hell is going on on the alibaba website. I wouldnt even try to order anything from there.

  6. Anyone else thinks its weird that it says GERMANY on the side of those chinese bearings?

  7. Those bearings also say they have a range of 5-1200mm bore size and 10-2200mm outer diameter. If you look it actually says call for price, I think the $0.10 price and minimum quantity are just place holders.

  8. I have just ordered a bunch of other stuff from you. I would love a few of these to be added to my other orders. Do you have a price yet?

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