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Half success — Grinding the bed flat

After three days of grinding, the end result is only half success:

This is only a quick blogpost, how success was the grinding.
I leveled the bed using hot glue:

I needed to take off a lot of material:

Here is an another view:

I needed always to compensate the wearing by hand, so it was a time consuming and error prone process.
Also Chris warned me, grinding aluminium may result an explosion.
So the usage of this setup is rather limited.

Printing plastics is mostly a joy compared to this. It is dirty:

So the FDM process is more clean as there is almost no scrapings, while metal machining results a lot of steel wool:

The bed became pretty flat, but I still needed to print with raft (not perfect flatness). But at least I dont need to finetune by hand.

Some more photos about the flatness:

Hopefully tomorrow, I will finish my aluminium version of the heated bed, and can report some really interesting stuff.