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Going blue

Some diversity or how Latin says: Varietas dēlectat.
But the reason is trivial: I ran out of the white plastic.

The printing result is the same as with the white filament except the ugly blue. I haven't done any adjustment.

Looking at the bright side we will have Mendel parts in different colors. So we can build some nice looking Mendel where one half is blue and the other half is white.

To infinity and beyond!

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  1. I like it, especially the combination. How come you’re printing so many mendel frame vertexes?

  2. Filiph: Im going to offer complete Mendel kit soon(ish). Also those parts are printed with different motor speeds, so they are part of an experiment too.

    Best regards,

  3. i dont know why but i have the old smurfs song stuck in my head now.

    maybe when a smurf grows up they turn into the

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