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Every little helps

Small useful objects designed for my heated bed and the extruder.

z-switch-holder - thing:3134

When I made my last modifications to the heated bed, my previously designed z limit switch holder was not working anymore.

So I decided to rethink the design, and made this thing:

I also uploaded all design files to thingiverse, as thing:3134.

It has many advantages over the stock one:

  • does not require mounting holes on the bed
    (useful if you are replacing the stock bed, with something like a heated bed)
  • has wide tolerance
  • saves two M5 hex nuts and bolts.
  • reprappable;-)

Here are some photos how are mounted on an actual machine:

A side photo:

One from behind:

It works really nicely. Download it, print it, enjoy!

Big foot - thing:3135

If you are using the previous z limit switch holder, maybe you need this one too:

Having your own bed results some offset. Your long M5 bolt, which pushes all of the limit switches has real difficulties to push all of them easily.

Even my previously designed big foot was too small. So this new design was born.

I uploaded to thingiverse, as thing:3135.

Here are some photos from real life.
The first one prove, how big is it, and just have the maximum size possible.
(note it almost touch the acrylic part when X home'd):

A side photo:

And one from perspective:

Counter nut holder for the extruder - thing:3136

Ok, this thing is really simple. Actually I successfully designed and printed it at the first try!:-D

The stock acrylic plastic, where you are supposed to push the hot M3 nuts is really a bad thing.
Sooner or later the bolt comes out of the plastic, it is a nightmare to change the plastic in your extruder.

So I designed this thing, and was on the machine within a half an hour:-)
I also replaced the M3 bolt with longer ones (M3x50), so I never really need to completely take off the filament pusher when I change plastic.
Here is a photo while mounted:

Also an another photo, where you can see the longer bolts:

Extruder stanchion - thing:3138

This thing is really simple too:

It is basically a cube, which helps to make the extruder more rigid. The extruder does not shake as much as normally would do when it makes short fast moves.

Here is it mounted:

Also this design is available too on thingiverse, as thing:3138.

I hope you enjoyed this little article. The upcoming article will be about some test prints.

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