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Chrome beauty

Grab one here.

The chrome family:

Here is how the normal mini hyena v2.1 with 8mm bore looks like:

Here is how the mini hyena v2.1 looks chrome plated:

I think the normal hyena looks the most beautiful when chrome plated:

It is really shiny, it is almost like having a brand new bike:)

Here is a comparison photo between the mini hyenas:

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  1. What kind of functional advantage does the chrome give?

  2. Michiel H:
    1. More beautiful
    2. More durable, because of the chrome plating.
    Many people asked me other material then the default one, so it is basically a response to that demand.

    (Although I had no durability problem (2 years knock-knock) with the default material either)

  3. Mmm… Although the hyena has been one if not the best bolts Ive used it only lasted 6 months before the tooths started deforming and folding and I didnt over use it, one print every 2 days maybe. To make it worst the new version seems to have even more tooths making them thinner and more fragile. So yes, id say there is a durability problem with the default material. I think you should try to make a Hyena with larger, thicker tooths half way between this and what you do now.

    The precisio of your machining is excellent and a must for our extruders but I would rather have larger / heavy duty tooths if you could offer such a bolt.

  4. Oh, and please take a look at this

    Using this bolt

    I can confirm less shredding of the filament and that the groove pattern imprinted on it is much more regular when using a bolt with a “main groove” that isn’t as deep and is wider. The “regularity” of the pattern left by the hobbed bolt is extremely important for retraction.

    I wish some wiz kid engineer could compute the perfect shape for a hobbed bolt, taking into account all this info. Awww dreaming…

  5. Me again. Im trying to figure out how much of an upgrade the chrome plating is, what is the hardness rating of the chrome plating you are using?

    If my converter is correct brass has an HV rating of -+95 or HRB 55
    Chrome varies depending on which type of chrome plating.

  6. TCZ: What is really unfortunate about the above mentioned article, that it is the sole third party article about the hyena, a negative one, and unfortunately from someone who intend to manufacture his own drive-gear.

    But the above article is about major version 1. Since then, the v2 is out, and it is really a major upgrade, read more here:

    When developed the v2, many more prototypes was made. And I carefully selected the best performant one, so if you are after the “perfect shape”, I believe you are at the right place here.

    Since it has a better shape, less force required from the idle bearing, so it is less prone to deform the teeth. However, I don’t think they are any weaker, then v1.

    About the chrome plating, it is the hardest possible when plating, but to say the truth, I don’t know the exact hardness, I have not been told by the manufacturer. The proof of the pudding is in the eating as always.


  7. Thank you for answering my questions :)

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