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Maglev carriage fan

Why do you need a fan?

As many of you may know, I have been using a double carriage fan (modified thing:9869) for my printer.

If only the hotend needed the air movement,
a single carriage fan would suffice, yet I get better results with double carriage fan.

So first and foremost the print itself needs the fan.

Buying fans for the carriage

Choosing the right fan is not easy. The ideal fan must be able to be driven directly from a PWM output of the RAMPS.

Many fans are not capable of be driven from a PWM output,
so it's mostly a hit and miss when buying small fans.

Why is a MagLev fan cool?

Well, the magnetic levitation itself is cool:) Also it is more efficient per watt (has more air blow power) than a ball bearing or bushing fan.
In my case the ball bearing fan can blow a lit match from 14 cm away, while the MagLev fan can blow it out from 41 cm(!) away.
So roughly 3 times more blowing power.

What to do if the fan is not able to be driven from PWM output?

Modify it like this:

I discovered my Maglev fans are not able to be driven from PWM output, they only work
with M104 S255, and not any value from 0-254.
Issuing a command less than S255 makes a strange pitch noise instead of turning the fan.

So I started experimenting, and I figured that I only need to add a small capacitor (any electrolite type capacitor works) between 4.7 uF and 100 uF.
(YMMV and also warning: some type of fans does not rotate even with this modification)

Also watch out for the polarity, here there is a pic showing how I modified my two maglev fans:


I think the capacitor is small enough not to destroy the aesthetic looks of things:

An example of these small fans on the carriage:

(note the superbright yellowish green clamp in the background:)

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New: Grooved 608 bearings

This is the new 608 grooved bearing:

It has an awesome half circle groove which is a perfect fit for the filament.
I use a normal 608 bearing, so it fits to a Wade style filament pusher exactly, like
the Greg's accessible extruder body (thing:8252). Here is a closeup picture:

Here is how the filament would look like on the bearing:

And also a picture with the hyena:

Oh wait, I can do a better photo, to see from the front (notice the match for frame of reference):

Why is it an awesome thing to have?

  • It prevents filament twisting
  • It is a guide in itself, Accessible Greg's extruder, needs one I believe, at least for me its needed. (accidents happen:-(

Im collecting ideas here. Im recently trying out many methods to raise funds to manufacture the newest gadget for 3D printing world:)

Well, this small improvement may not deserve a full campaign, like the awesome mini hyena, but still what do you think what would be an adequate price for it?

If you have a thought about pricing, or more what price is it worth for you, just put it in the comment. If we can agree on a sane pricing, I will list at that price on the webshop:)

Lets do it folks!

Some of you were wondering how much flesh rest at the bottom of the groove.
So I destroyed one for ya:)

And here is a better view from the front:

Im not worried about wall thickness here, it is imho pretty strong still.
If you have any other question just shoot it in the comments:)

4Oct/10Off prototype v2.0

This design is almost final. It simply rocks, truely awesome!

Keep reading.

15Sep/10Off hotend prototype one

I was quite excited about my new prototype. Interested in my findings?

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Laser etching

After I built my heated bed controller, it was time to create a PCB for it. Especially, because people had trouble to build the controller.

So the evolution of home-made heated bed controller began:

Warning: long article ahead!


Heated bed improvement

Its always nice to see how others are developing further your design.
This just happened: my previous heated bed buyer thought further the design.
He insulated the bed, and made a control-circuit for it.

It's time to update my version too;-)


Raftless — My fourth heated bed prototype

Living in the shadow of a giant:-)
It's not easy to be the second all the time. Presenting something, which has been already done.
But maybe I can show you some improvements, or some really nice pictures...

Yes, my fully working heated bed prototype!


Half success — Grinding the bed flat

After three days of grinding, the end result is only half success:


Making of — Dremel holder

Actually this is only the first prototype, so read more, to get known the final version!


Warming up!

First prototype of my heated bed.