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Blender broke

I broke my blender, simply filled to the maximum and switched on. The rubber "gear" grinded away:

After I took apart the blender, it was obvious what broke:

I quickly modelled a replacement part:

The bottom view:

I printed it, put over the metal part, and pressed into the plastic:

I melted the small bars, to prevent dismounting:

Here is it installed:

I uploaded the design to thingiverse with sources too, as thing:4471.

Its usefull to have a 3D printer around the house. The whole modelling took about 15mins.
Here is the blender one more time:

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  1. Did you model it in Blender? ;-)

  2. That would be elegant;-)

    In openscad+qcad, like many things these days…

  3. This put a very big smile on my face . Can not wait to get my own printer :-)

  4. LOL @ Modeling in Blender!!

    Great example! I’d love to use your pictures in presentations at some point… is that okay?! (I’ll put your name under it)

  5. Erik: Yes, you can.

    Im pretty surprised everyone loved this blogpost, which took about one-two hours from start to finish (modelling, printing, blogwriting, picture taking), while none of my other blogposts took less then a day to write it. I had blogposts which I wrote for almost a full week!

    And yet, this one got the highest interest…
    I was even (wrongly) assumed that I printed it on a makerbot, which I never had…