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Blender broke – Epilogue

My article titled "Blender broke" drew more media attention, than anything I've written lately. This is strange, as much cooler things have been happening around me:) Many sites picked it up.

I later read on a forum (I've forgotten which one), that the printed replacement part will break as it could not possibly be as strong as the original one. That did had some truth to it...

My blender did break again. It only survived for long enough to make 11 banana shakes, and I now know, why the original part was made of rubber rather than plastic. The top and bottom part of the blender are not aligned with each other, so the rubber "gear" was acting as a flexible coupler to compensate for the error in design.

My print was made from black ABS, which is, of course, rigid. Thus it was doomed from the start.

The correct solution would be to print the part from flexible plastic. I was lucky to receive some soft pla samples from Kaipa, which has the consistency of chewing gum when printed. It was a perfect candidate for a flexible replacement part, and with my new Hot-end v3.0 I was finally able to print with it:

I used the support option to print the part, as you can see in this photo:

Here is how it looked right after I removed it from the bed:

I cleaned it up using a knife. Here is how it looks from the top:

and from the bottom:

(I didn't remove all of the support material, as it has no effect on functionality.)

I tested the elasticity. Here is the part bending when compressed:

It springs back to its original shape when released:

I assembled it the way I described in my previous post:

Here is it mounted on the top part of the blender:

I do hope this one will last much longer then the previous version. The blender is not of very good quality, so I would be best of buying a new one, but I expect this repair last another year with my limited usage.

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  1. If that doesn’t last perhaps you can print a mould and cast one with the silicone and cornflower mixture that makes rubber.

  2. How did your printed part fail? Did it come off the metal plate the stems to which the stems were melted?
    It looks like the only reason for that metal plate is to allow that gear to have an attached screw hole. Could you find a nut that would fit that screw/bolt and make that part of your printed component – rather than using their melted stem attachment system?

  3. Nophead: I was mainly interested in the challenge.:) So a replacement gear can be printed. When I discovered the rubber gear has a flexible coupler role too, I somehow lost interest fixing this blender. I want a new one, the only question is when:)

    Makerblock: Yes, the stems came off. Yes, the metal plate’s role is only having the screw. However replacing this disc with regular nut would mean much higher force acting at the nut-plastic connectin as the nut is smaller diameter.
    Also Im not sure if this metal disc is left or right threaded.

  4. What is the name of the material?

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