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30Oct/12Off hotend v4.1.1.


For previous announcement please read here:

The v4.1.1 version

Im really proud to announce hotend v4.1.1:

In a nutshell:
- v4.1. - aluminium mounting plate (that also means integrated setscrew in the heatsink)
- v4.1.1 - firesleeve

Aluminium mounting plate (v4.1.)

I replaced the wood mounting plate with an aluminium one.

Just to recall here is how the v4.0.5 looked like:

Here is the v4.1:

I also added an M3 setscrew, to fix the heatsink to the mounting plate
(prevent rotating the whole hotend at high speed).

Also here is how the hotend looks after 6 months of printing:

So the firecement is quite good solution, once it is applied.

Firesleeve added (v4.1.1)

To prevent skin burn, protect heater block against fan blow, and last but not least looks awesome:

Machine compatibility

This hotend is designed for reprap machines (or compatible).
However I had success reports from customers using in 24VDC system, like R2C2 electronics (you need different resistor, so definietly say it before purchase).

I would be really interested how others have mounted or adapted this hotend for their machine,
like or

If you happen to have a machine like the above, and you want assistance,
just drop me an email through preorder(at-arcoldothu.

Go grab one:

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  1. It’s still too brittle. Mine broke in the middle after 3 hours.

  2. mnt: If you have warranty issue with your hotend, please contact me.

    Im using the very first hotend (upgraded as shown in this post, but the main pieces stayed, and the piece in question too) since last december. So its almost a full year of usage, pushed through more then 30kg plastic without break. (This blogpost shows one of my hotends from a friend, so this one is in service since 6 months, but mine is almost a year old).

    So I can tell you this: If your machine is properly set up (flat bed, straight X,Y,Z), the hotend wont ever break on you. And it is still the best servicable one available.

    You still have a point, this is the weak point of this design, everything comes with a price. Still if you contact me, we can work out together your specific case, and you can get a replacement piece.

    ps: Im really closing down the commenting, but not because I dont like your inputs, in contrary I really do! Please come over to the mailing list, and if you have anything to add, please do it there. I just deleted 40 “other” comments, I think pharmacy products are in a gold age again.

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