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Another planet update (article updated)

I have been working on the planet furiously during the whole week.

I squashed many bugs -- all the RSS
feeds are now properly aggregated, whereas previously planet crashed on
half of the blogs, and only aggregated some of them.
I moved to a bigger server, so no more of that silly 96MB RAM limit.

Some notable features were added, such as:

  • properly truncated articles.

    If the RSS contains the full article, then planet will cut the text at a set limit and place all the images from the article at the end
    of the extract.

  • hackergotchis fixed!

    If you want your own hackergotchi(icon) displayed on, then please write the url
    of the image file as a comment here (and the url of your blog). The
    best is a 64x64px .png image, .jpg files are accepted too, no gif please.
  • Planet cherrypicked and Planet everything is created. So you wont miss any news!

The default planet length is now 100 aggregated articles instead of
20. I hope you enjoy it.
There are some more feature ideas, so I will definitely develop further in the
future, until then I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. My latest blog post at isn’t showing up. Did I tag it wrong?

  2. Im somewhat sorry for the late reply. But your blgo is added to the feed. (planet everything).

  3. Hi,
    I can’t find where to contact anyone from the store – your page says that the 3.0 hot-ends would be in April 26th or so – but nothing since then… are they in now? Would I be able to order one now and have it ship out soon? Or would I have to wait on the next shipment?
    I’ll check back here for response – thanks-

  4. Hi Arcol,

    i’m very interesting in your Heated bed kit for Rapman.

    I not have any idea how to buy it, please contact me.



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