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Aging of polyimide (Kapton) tape

This is only a short post, why I prefer small width Kapton tape over a complete sheet.

I tried to print four z-motor-bracket:

It really weared out the Kapton tape. The other prints didnt stick well, and began to warp. I didnt realise this, and kept printing. Small parts didnt had problems (2x2cm), but every bigger prints resulted in failure.

Then I somehow generated a model (from openscad), where the lowest point was at z=-10.
It ruined completely the polyimide tape:

Also if you look carefully to the above picture you can notice, that the four z-motor-bracket can still be seen, at those points the plastic sticks far less, then to the other part of the tape.

I realized the stickiness difference only, when I partly replaced the tape (between the white lines are the new tape):

Ok, the print has problems, but it is because my filament holder (next article;-).

But if you look at the bottom of the object:

You can see the difference. Where the new tape is, it is more shiny, elsewhere it is more dull.

Also originally I placed the tape parallel to the y direction:

It is much better to place it diagonally:

In that case only 2-3 tapes must be changed...

Also I believe that the bad print (the four z-motor-bracket one) only accelerated the aging of the polyimide tape, and after some hundreds of prints the tape will wear out anyway.

This post is a little heads-up about a potential problem.

Also remember, the above experience has been done on heated bed, which is available for sale.

If you are interested buying one, drop me an email to order (at) arcol (dot] hu

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