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4Oct/10Off prototype v2.0

This design is almost final. It simply rocks, truely awesome!

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15Sep/10Off hotend prototype one

I was quite excited about my new prototype. Interested in my findings?

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Laser etching

After I built my heated bed controller, it was time to create a PCB for it. Especially, because people had trouble to build the controller.

So the evolution of home-made heated bed controller began:

Warning: long article ahead!


Mega filament holder

I designed a filament holder for my Mendel.


Heated bed improvement

Its always nice to see how others are developing further your design.
This just happened: my previous heated bed buyer thought further the design.
He insulated the bed, and made a control-circuit for it.

It's time to update my version too;-)


Megalomaniac stupidity 2 — Flatness

I pushed my newly designed heated bed to its limits.
Do you wonder how good it performed?


Raftless — My fourth heated bed prototype

Living in the shadow of a giant:-)
It's not easy to be the second all the time. Presenting something, which has been already done.
But maybe I can show you some improvements, or some really nice pictures...

Yes, my fully working heated bed prototype!


Half success — Grinding the bed flat

After three days of grinding, the end result is only half success:


Making of — Dremel holder

Actually this is only the first prototype, so read more, to get known the final version!


Warming up!

First prototype of my heated bed.