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30Oct/10Off Hotend v3.0 dummy model

This is a dummy model of Hot-end v3.0 to get a feeling of the actual size. A real hot-end cant be printed using plastic:)

28Oct/10Off Hotend v3.0

This is a really big announcement.:-) The new hot-end has been born, and rocks!


Power resistor teardown

Im in the middle of preparing to my next big announcement ( Hot-end v3.0), so Im organizing photos on my computer, etc...
So just found this:


Blender broke

I broke my blender, simply filled to the maximum and switched on. The rubber "gear" grinded away:

8Oct/10Off update

Im running the reprap planet since this february.

4Oct/10Off prototype v2.0

This design is almost final. It simply rocks, truely awesome!

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