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Raftless — My fourth heated bed prototype

Living in the shadow of a giant:-)
It's not easy to be the second all the time. Presenting something, which has been already done.
But maybe I can show you some improvements, or some really nice pictures...

Yes, my fully working heated bed prototype!


Half success — Grinding the bed flat

After three days of grinding, the end result is only half success:


Making of — Dremel holder

Actually this is only the first prototype, so read more, to get known the final version!


Warming up!

First prototype of my heated bed.


Good morning Planetarium

For those, who are not comfortable with yahoo's web 2.0 blog aggregator, here is the classic reprap planet.


Megalomaniac stupidity — ramping up production

Megalomanic-pretencious thoughts
Make you think-you are a god
But let's face reality,
You're a slave of your stupidity,
But let's face reality,
You're a product of naivity?
-- Agathocles
Megalomaniac stupidity