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Mendel build progress — day 3

Not much progress today. I have cutted to size the threaded rods except the z stage.

At the left side you can see all the useful rods, while at the right side only the scraps.
I used 7 threaded rods in total. I need one more rods to cut (the z-stage), what I will cut from
much better quality threaded rod (and also costs 8 times more).
So I will use 8 rods in total, while the official sites mention 9 rods. Every little helps;-)

I just arrived back to home today evening. Hopefully tomorrow I progress more. I plan to put together the frame,
also cut to size the z stage and all the bars. Maybe I need to buy for this a Dremel accessory (575):


Mendel build progress — day 2

I have finished putting together parts where only nuts and bolts was required.

I have took pictures from every angle:

I should find some javascript library which could fake some 360 turning effect.

Im off for couple of day from now, I hope I can continue building (the frames) at saturday evening or sunday.